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Benoit Xhenseval 3 (50.0%) 23 (69.7%) 7.6
Paul Zepernick 3 (50.0%) 10 (30.3%) 3.3

Most Recent Commits

Paul Zepernick 2006-11-27 14:27

renamed IDataSet to DataSet

2 lines of code changed in:

Paul Zepernick 2006-10-31 16:04

converted to factory classes

7 lines of code changed in:

Paul Zepernick 2006-10-25 12:28

removed freeMemmory call and updated constructor

1 lines of code changed in:

Benoit Xhenseval 2006-10-18 14:40

Some serious kicking...

1/ use a map for finding the column index; this makes the fetch of the first or last column consistent

2/ removed SOME of the substring which are causing dramatic performance degradation when once has a fair amount of columns.

3/ optimised some string manipulation code (getDelimiterOffset, lTrim, lTrimKeepTabs, removeChar

4/ I would suggest the creation of a suite of unit tests for all those methods.... Paul, do you want to take this on?

23 lines of code changed in:

  • PZFileReaderSamples/src/main/java/net/sf/pzfilereader/examples/csvperformancetest:
Benoit Xhenseval 2006-10-17 18:19

Moved to net.sf.pzfilereader

0 lines of code changed in:

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