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Totals 81 (100.0%) 1332 (100.0%) 16.4
matz 48 (59.3%) 1221 (91.7%) 25.4
nobu 5 (6.2%) 34 (2.6%) 6.8
akr 4 (4.9%) 30 (2.3%) 7.5
usa 3 (3.7%) 20 (1.5%) 6.6
eban 11 (13.6%) 19 (1.4%) 1.7
knu 5 (6.2%) 8 (0.6%) 1.6
shyouhei 4 (4.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
michal 1 (1.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

shyouhei 2007-02-13 00:01

set svn:eol-style

0 lines of code changed in:

nobu 2006-09-16 08:14

* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: allow multiple candidates for dbm-type.

25 lines of code changed in:

nobu 2006-09-04 13:44

* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: create makefile according to the result of check

for dbm header. fixed: [ruby-dev:29445]

4 lines of code changed in:

matz 2006-09-04 08:40

* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::out): specify -x option for nkf.

* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::out): should not convert utf-8 implicitly using

NKF. it is too Japanese centric.

0 lines of code changed in:

matz 2006-09-02 15:42

* ruby.h (struct RArray): embed small arrays.

(RARRAY_LEN): defined for accessing array members.

(RARRAY_PTR): ditto.

* array.c: use RARRAY_LEN and RARRAY_PTR.

5 lines of code changed in:

matz 2006-08-31 11:30

* ruby.h (struct RString): embed small strings.

(RSTRING_LEN): defined for accessing string members.

(RSTRING_PTR): ditto.

* string.c: use RSTRING_LEN and RSTRING_PTR.

27 lines of code changed in:

akr 2006-06-25 10:42

add extconf.h.

1 lines of code changed in:

nobu 2006-05-26 00:44

* ruby.h, lib/mkmf.rb (create_header): clear command line options for

macros moved to extconf.h.

* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile, extmk): made RUBY_EXTCONF_H and

EXTSTATIC permanent.

* ext/{dbm,digest/*,socket,zlib}/extconf.rb: used $defs and $INCFLAGS.

* {bcc32,win32,wince}/Makefile.sub (COMPILE_C, COMPILE_CXX): added


1 lines of code changed in:

matz 2006-02-13 05:53

* parse.y (parser_parse_string): mention "regexp" in a error

message. a patch from Mauricio Fernandez <mfp at>


* eval.c (rb_f_autoload): check if ruby_cbase is nil (during

instance_eval for objects cannot have singleton classes,

e.g. fixnums and symbols). [ruby-dev:28178]

* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): turn on during_gc while

invoking finalizers.

* gc.c (rb_gc_finalize_deferred): ditto.

* io.c (rb_write_error2): use fwrite(3) if rb_stderr is not

updated or is already freed. [ruby-dev:28313]

* eval.c (error_line): include the class name of a surrounding

method in error position description.

33 lines of code changed in:

matz 2006-02-03 10:15

* eval.c: unify ruby_class (for method definition) and ruby_cbase

(for constant reference).

* eval.c (rb_call0): use TMP_ALLOC() instead of allocating

a temporary array object.

* eval.c (eval): need not to protect $SAFE value.


* error.c (Init_Exception): change NameError to direct subclass of

Exception so that default rescue do not handle it silently.

* struct.c (rb_struct_select): update RDoc description.


* numeric.c (int_upto): return an enumerator if no block is

attached to the method.

* numeric.c (int_downto): ditto.

* numeric.c (int_dotimes): ditto.

* enum.c (enum_first): new method Enumerable#first to take first n

element from an enumerable.

* enum.c (enum_group_by): new method Enumerable#group_by that

groups enumerable values according to their block values.

6 lines of code changed in:

akr 2005-09-24 01:17

banish some warnings.

0 lines of code changed in:

usa 2005-06-20 09:17

* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_closed): new method DBM#closed?

* ext/gdbm/gdbm.c (fgdbm_closed): new method GDBM#closed?

* ext/sdbm/init.c (fsdbm_closed): new method SDBM#closed?

* test/dbm/test_dbm.rb, test/gdbm/test_gdbm.rb, test/sdbm/test_sdbm.rb

(teardown): close all db objects before deleting data files.

* win32/win32.{ch} (unlink): hook runtime function to change

file attribute before unlinking.

merge from 1.8, see [ruby-dev:26360]

16 lines of code changed in:

akr 2005-06-04 06:59

* test/dbm/test_dbm.rb: merged from ext/dbm/testdbm.rb.

* test/gdbm/test_gdbm.rb: merged from ext/gdbm/testgdbm.rb.

0 lines of code changed in:

matz 2004-12-09 03:19

* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_select): [ruby-dev:25132]

* ext/sdbm/init.c: ditto.

* ext/gdbm/gdbm.c: ditto.

* eval.c (proc_invoke): merge Guy Decoux's argument preserve

patch in [ruby-core:03874].

35 lines of code changed in:

matz 2004-11-14 16:41

* string.c (rb_str_clear): avoid revealing NULL pointer.


* string.c (str_gsub): add paranoid check. [ruby-dev:24827]

* string.c (str_mod_check): check frozen status as well.


* lib/mathn.rb (Integer::gcd2): faster implementation by

<>. [ruby-talk:120232]

* ext/gdbm/gdbm.c (fgdbm_store): StringValue() may alter string

pointer. [ruby-dev:24783]

1 lines of code changed in:

eban 2004-11-01 11:13

* MANIFEST, ext/**/MANIFEST: removed.

0 lines of code changed in:

matz 2004-10-19 20:49

* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_delete_if): should check if deleting element

is a string. [ruby-dev:24490]

* ext/sdbm/init.c (fsdbm_delete_if): ditto.

1 lines of code changed in:

matz 2004-10-19 11:25

* io.c (read_all): block string buffer modification during

rb_io_fread() by freezing it temporarily. [ruby-dev:24479]

* dir.c (rb_push_glob): block call at once the end of method.


* ext/enumerator/enumerator.c (enum_each_slice): remove

rb_gc_force_recycle() to prevent potential SEGV.


* ext/zlib/zlib.c (zstream_expand_buffer): hide internal string

buffer by clearing klass. [ruby-dev:24510]

* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_s_getservbyaname): protocol string

might be altered. [ruby-dev:24503]

* string.c (rb_str_upto): check if return value from succ is a

string. [ruby-dev:24504]

* io.c (rb_io_popen): get mode string via rb_io_flags_mode() to

avoid mode string modification. [ruby-dev:24454]

* io.c (rb_io_getline_fast): should take delim as unsigned char to

distinguish EOF and '\377'. [ruby-dev:24460]

* io.c (rb_io_getline): add check for RS modification.


* enum.c (enum_sort_by): use qsort() directly instead using

rb_iterate(). [ruby-dev:24462]

* enum.c (enum_each_with_index): remove rb_gc_force_recycle() to

prevent access to recycled object (via continuation for

example). [ruby-dev:24463]

1 lines of code changed in:

matz 2004-06-11 14:33

* array.c: remove #indexes, #indices.

* hash.c: ditto.

* ext/dbm/dbm.c: remove #indexes, #indices, "values_at" warning

from #select.

* ext/gdbm/gdbm.c: ditto.

* ext/sdbm/init.c: ditto.

* ext/dbm/dbm.c (Init_dbm): set VERSION constant as "unknown" when

DB_VERSION_STRING is not available.

16 lines of code changed in:

akr 2004-05-16 13:03

* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_initialize): accept optional 3rd argument to

specify an open flag.

(Init_dbm): define open flags: DBM::READER, DBM::WRITER, DBM::WRCREAT


29 lines of code changed in:

(46 more)

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