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Totals 43 (100.0%) 19982 (100.0%) 464.6
naruse 35 (81.4%) 19934 (99.8%) 569.5
matz 1 (2.3%) 34 (0.2%) 34.0
nobu 1 (2.3%) 7 (0.0%) 7.0
eban 1 (2.3%) 4 (0.0%) 4.0
usa 1 (2.3%) 3 (0.0%) 3.0
shyouhei 4 (9.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

shyouhei 2007-02-13 00:01

set svn:eol-style

0 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2007-02-06 16:08

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/{nkf.c,utf8tbl.c}:

imported nkf 2007-01-28.

* Fixed: can't decode MIME encode JIS string.

* Fixed: Fullwitdh-halfwidth conversion.

* Support DoCoMo's and Softbank's EMOJI

* Support CP932, CP5022x, eucJP-ms UDC

* Support UTF-32 encoding

* Support beyond BMP

[ruby-dev:29700] [ruby-dev:29922] [ruby-dev:30144]

224 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2006-09-15 12:26

* ext/nkf/nkf-8/nkf.c: imported nkf 2.0.8 rev.110.

* Fix: check_bom cuts \xfe\xff\xXX\xXX of UTF-32.

* Add support --ic=UTF-32.

* Fix: can't guess UTF-16 and UTF-32.

* Fix: can't decode beyond BMP of UTF-16LE.

* ext/nkf/nkf.c (guess): Support UTF-32.

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb (kconv): Support UTF-32.

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb (to_utf32): new method.

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb (to_utf32): new method.

59 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+59 -26)
naruse 2006-09-14 21:27

* ext/nkf/nkf-8/nkf.c: imported nkf 2.0.8 2006-09-15.

Add support for U+10000 - U+10FFFF

Add support UTF-32

495 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+495 -254)
naruse 2006-06-19 15:25

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: imported nkf 2.0.7

* Fix: fallback in CP51932


* Fix bug arround MIME encode NL

731 lines of code changed in:

matz 2006-06-09 22:20

* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): allow %c to print one character

string (e.g. ?x).

* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile::make_tmpname): put dot between

basename and pid. [ruby-talk:196272]

* parse.y (do_block): remove -> style block.

* parse.y (parser_yylex): remove tLAMBDA_ARG.

* eval.c (rb_call0): binding for the return event hook should have

consistent scope. [ruby-core:07928]

* eval.c (proc_invoke): return behavior should depend whether it

is surrounded by a lambda or a mere block.

* eval.c (formal_assign): handles post splat arguments.

* eval.c (rb_call0): ditto.

* st.c (strhash): use FNV-1a hash.

* parse.y (parser_yylex): removed experimental ';;' terminator.

* eval.c (rb_node_arity): should be aware of post splat arguments.

* eval.c (rb_proc_arity): ditto.

* parse.y (f_args): syntax rule enhanced to support arguments

after the splat.

* parse.y (block_param): ditto for block parameters.

* parse.y (f_post_arg): mandatory formal arguments after the splat


* parse.y (new_args_gen): generate nodes for mandatory formal

arguments after the splat argument.

* eval.c (rb_eval): dispatch mandatory formal arguments after the

splat argument.

* parse.y (args): allow more than one splat in the argument list.

* parse.y (method_call): allow aref [] to accept all kind of

method argument, including assocs, splat, and block argument.

* eval.c (SETUP_ARGS0): prepare block argument as well.

* lib/mathn.rb (Integer): remove Integer#gcd2. [ruby-core:07931]

* eval.c (error_line): print receivers true/false/nil specially.

* eval.c (rb_proc_yield): handles parameters in yield semantics.

* eval.c (nil_yield): gives LocalJumpError to denote no block


* io.c (rb_io_getc): now takes one-character string.

* string.c (rb_str_hash): use FNV-1a hash from Fowler/Noll/Vo

hashing algorithm.

* string.c (rb_str_aref): str[0] now returns 1 character string,

instead of a fixnum. [Ruby2]

* parse.y (parser_yylex): ?c now returns 1 character string,

instead of a fixnum. [Ruby2]

* string.c (rb_str_aset): no longer support fixnum insertion.

* eval.c (umethod_bind): should not update original class.


* eval.c (ev_const_get): should support constant access from

within instance_eval(). [ruby-dev:28327]

* time.c (time_timeval): should round for usec floating

number. [ruby-core:07896]

* time.c (time_add): ditto.

* dir.c (sys_warning): should not call a vararg function

rb_sys_warning() indirectly. [ruby-core:07886]

* numeric.c (flo_divmod): the first element of Float#divmod should

be an integer. [ruby-dev:28589]

* test/ruby/test_float.rb: add tests for divmod, div, modulo and remainder.

* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): should not allow modifying literal

regexps. frozen check moved from rb_reg_initialize_m as well.

* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): should not modify untainted objects in

safe levels higher than 3.

* re.c (rb_memcmp): type change from char* to const void*.

* dir.c (dir_close): should not close untainted dir stream.

* dir.c (GetDIR): add tainted/frozen check for each dir operation.

* lib/rdoc/parsers/parse_rb.rb (RDoc::RubyParser::parse_symbol_arg):

typo fixed. a patch from Florian Gross <florg at>.

* eval.c (EXEC_EVENT_HOOK): trace_func may remove itself from

event_hooks. no guarantee for arbitrary hook deletion.


* util.c (ruby_strtod): differ addition to minimize error.


* util.c (ruby_strtod): should not raise ERANGE when the input

string does not have any digits. [ruby-dev:28629]

* eval.c (proc_invoke): should restore old ruby_frame->block.

thanks to ts <decoux at>. [ruby-core:07833]

also fix [ruby-dev:28614] as well.

* signal.c (trap): sig should be less then NSIG. Coverity found

this bug. a patch from Kevin Tew <tewk at>.


* math.c (math_log2): add new method inspired by


* math.c (math_log): add optional base argument to Math::log().


* ext/syck/emitter.c (syck_scan_scalar): avoid accessing

uninitialized array element. a patch from Pat Eyler

<rubypate at>. [ruby-core:07809]

* array.c (rb_ary_fill): initialize local variables first. a

patch from Pat Eyler <rubypate at>. [ruby-core:07810]

* ext/syck/yaml2byte.c (syck_yaml2byte_handler): need to free

type_tag. a patch from Pat Eyler <rubypate at>.


* ext/socket/socket.c (make_hostent_internal): accept ai_family

check from Sam Roberts <sroberts at>.


* util.c (ruby_strtod): should not cut off 18 digits for no

reason. [ruby-core:07796]

* array.c (rb_ary_fill): internalize local variable "beg" to

pacify Coverity. [ruby-core:07770]

* pack.c (pack_unpack): now supports CRLF newlines. a patch from

<tommy at>. [ruby-dev:28601]

* applied code clean-up patch from Stefan Huehner

<stefan at>. [ruby-core:07764]

* lib/jcode.rb (String::tr_s): should have translated non

squeezing character sequence (i.e. a character) as well. thanks

to Hiroshi Ichikawa <gimite at> [ruby-list:42090]

* ext/socket/socket.c: document update patch from Sam Roberts

<sroberts at>. [ruby-core:07701]

* lib/mathn.rb (Integer): need not to remove gcd2. a patch from

NARUSE, Yui <naruse at>. [ruby-dev:28570]

* parse.y (arg): too much NEW_LIST()

* eval.c (SETUP_ARGS0): remove unnecessary access to nd_alen.

* eval.c (rb_eval): use ARGSCAT for NODE_OP_ASGN1.


* parse.y (arg): use NODE_ARGSCAT for placeholder.

* lib/getoptlong.rb (GetoptLong::get): RDoc update patch from

mathew <meta at>. [ruby-core:07738]

* variable.c (rb_const_set): raise error when no target klass is

supplied. [ruby-dev:28582]

* prec.c (prec_prec_f): documentation patch from

<gerardo.santana at>. [ruby-core:07689]

* bignum.c (rb_big_pow): second operand may be too big even if

it's a Fixnum. [ruby-talk:187984]

* README.EXT: update symbol description. [ruby-talk:188104]

* COPYING: explicitly note GPLv2. [ruby-talk:187922]

* parse.y: remove some obsolete syntax rules (unparenthesized

method calls in argument list).

* eval.c (rb_call0): insecure calling should be checked for non

NODE_SCOPE method invocations too.

* eval.c (rb_alias): should preserve the current safe level as

well as method definition.

* process.c (rb_f_sleep): remove RDoc description about SIGALRM

which is not valid on the current implementation. [ruby-dev:28464]

Thu Mar 23 21:40:47 2006 K.Kosako <sndgk393 AT>

* eval.c (method_missing): should support argument splat in

super. a bug in combination of super, splat and

method_missing. [ruby-talk:185438]

* Solaris SunPro compiler -rapth patch from

<kuwa at>. [ruby-dev:28443]

* remove enable_rpath=no for Solaris.


* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_val2olevariantdata): change behavior

of converting OLE Variant object with VT_ARRAY|VT_UI1 and Ruby

String object.

* ruby.1: a clarification patch from David Lutterkort

<dlutter at>. [ruby-core:7508]

* lib/rdoc/ri/ri_paths.rb (RI::Paths): adding paths from rubygems

directories. a patch from Eric Hodel <drbrain at>.


* eval.c (rb_clear_cache_by_class): clearing wrong cache.

* ext/extmk.rb: use :remove_destination to install extension libraries

to avoid SEGV. [ruby-dev:28417]

* eval.c (rb_thread_fd_writable): should not re-schedule output

from KILLED thread (must be error printing).

* array.c (rb_ary_flatten_bang): allow specifying recursion

level. [ruby-talk:182170]

* array.c (rb_ary_flatten): ditto.

* gc.c (add_heap): a heap_slots may overflow. a patch from Stefan

Weil <weil at>.

* eval.c (rb_call): use separate cache for fcall/vcall


* eval.c (rb_eval): NODE_FCALL, NODE_VCALL can call local


* eval.c (rb_mod_local): a new method to specify newly added

visibility "local".

* eval.c (search_method): search for local methods which are

visible only from the current class.

* class.c (rb_class_local_methods): a method to list local methods.

* object.c (Init_Object): add BasicObject class as a top level

BlankSlate class.

* ruby.h (SYM2ID): should not cast to signed long.


* class.c (rb_include_module): allow module duplication.

34 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+34 -80)
usa 2006-03-29 02:12

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c (nkf_each_char_to_hex, encode_fallback_subchar,

e2w_conv): support C90 compiler.

3 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+3 -3)
naruse 2006-03-27 14:48

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/{nkf.c, utf8tbl.c}: imported nkf 2.0.6.

* Add --ic / --oc option and mapping tables.

* Add fallback option.

* Add --no-best-fit-chars option.

* Fix some bugs.

* ext/nkf/nkf.c (nkf_split_options): added for parse option string.

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb (*): add -m0.

Note that* still imply -X.

* ext/nkf/test.rb: Removed. Obsolete by test/nkf.

* ext/.document: enabled documents in nkf and kconv

* ext/nkf/nkf.c, ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb: Add rdoc.

1601 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2005-07-21 17:13

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/{nkf.c,utf8tbl.c,config.h}:

import 1.76

[ruby-dev:26592] nkf constification

815 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2005-07-17 21:03

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: import nkf.c 1.73

fix: TestKconv 1F

29 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+29 -12)
naruse 2005-07-05 16:19

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/{nkf.c,utf8tbl.c,config.h}:

imported nkf.c 1.70 (support UTF-8-MAC)

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb: add :utf8mac and :internalunicode

1105 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2005-06-27 17:53

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb: add Kconv::VERSION

* ext/nkf/lib/kconv.rb (conv): can process arrayed options

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: imported Revision 1.69

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/utf8tbl.c: imported Revision 1.9

28 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2005-05-12 09:42

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: follow nkf 2.0.5

18 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+18 -11)
naruse 2005-03-07 17:22

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: follow nkf 1.66

fixed: [ruby-dev:25828]

2 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+2 -1)
naruse 2005-03-05 08:53

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: follow nkf 1.65

17 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+17 -7)
naruse 2005-03-03 23:12

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: follow nkf 1.63

8 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+8 -1)
naruse 2005-03-03 15:27

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: follow nkf 1.62

236 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+236 -137)
naruse 2005-02-02 19:36

* follow original utf8tbl.c,v 1.8

4213 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: utf8tbl.c (+4213 -2240)
naruse 2005-02-02 19:36

* follow original config.h,v 1.7

3 lines of code changed in:

naruse 2005-02-02 19:31

* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: follow nkf.c,v 1.57

support JISX0212

fixed: [Ruby-dev:25617]

313 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/nkf/nkf-utf8: nkf.c (+313 -48)

(7 more)

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