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Totals 88 (100.0%) 6679 (100.0%) 75.8
nagai 63 (71.6%) 6679 (100.0%) 106.0
shyouhei 25 (28.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

shyouhei 2007-02-13 00:01

set svn:eol-style

0 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2006-11-07 10:11

* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb: minor bug fix.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/treeview.rb : ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/table.rb: fix bugs which forbade use of

'::blt::table' command. Now, probably, it'll works properly.

72 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt: table.rb (+72 -30)
nagai 2006-10-04 10:52

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile.rb, lib/tkextlib/tile/* : support Tile 0.7.6.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/SUPPORT_STATUS: [ruby-talk:211939] check links

of extensions.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/container.rb: define instance methods properly.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/tcombobox.rb: bug fix [ruby-talk:213003].

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/tnotebook.rb: ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/treeview.rb: ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/sizegrip.rb: [new] add 'ttk::sizegrip' widget.

10 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-10-22 23:17

* ext/tk/extconf.rb: improbe messages [ruby-core:06325].

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/canvas.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/entry.rb,

ext/tk/lib/tk/frame.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/image.rb,

ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/labelframe.rb,

ext/tk/lib/tk/listbox.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/menu.rb,

ext/tk/lib/tk/radiobutton.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/scale.rb,

ext/tk/lib/tk/spinbox.rb, ext/tk/lib/tk/text.rb,

ext/tk/lib/tk/toplevel.rb: improve conversion of option values.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/*: ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/*: update to support ActiveTcl8.4.11.2.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/trofs/*: support Trofs 0.4.3.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/*: support Tile 0.7.2.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/vu/*: support vu 2.3.0.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tcllib/*: support Tcllib 1.8 (Tklib 0.3).

90 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-08-10 02:32

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: fix bug on handling __ruby2val_optkeys().

* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb: fix bug on handling


* ext/tk/lib/tk/canvas.rb: didn't check __item_ruby2val_optkeys().

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/component.rb: ditto.

5 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-08-09 07:16

* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: remove dangerous 'rb_jump_tag's.

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: add __val2ruby_optkeys and __ruby2val_optkeys to

help to convert option values between ruby and tcl.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb: add __item_val2ruby_optkeys and

__item_ruby2val_optkeys to help to convert option values between

ruby and tcl.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/radiobutton.rb: use __ruby2val_optkeys for 'variable'

option (for the reason of backward compatibility).

* ext/tk/lib/tk/composite.rb: clarify the arguments of super().

* ext/tk/lib/tk/spinbox.rb: ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/text.rb: ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/validation.rb: ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/*: support to treat tkvariable-type

configure options.

13 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-05-10 02:29

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/winop.rb: fix typo

2 lines of code changed in:

  • ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt: winop.rb (+2 -2)
nagai 2005-04-01 18:22

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (TkWindow.initialize): accept 'without_creating'

option without 'widgetname' option to allow creating a widget object

which is used as an argument of Tcl/Tk's widget allocation commands.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/image.rb (TkImage.initialize): accept 'imagename'

option to create a image object by the given name.

189 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-04-01 04:48

* lib/tkextlib/blt/component.rb: bug fix on treatment of

component objects.

* sample/tkextlib/blt/graph6.rb: a new sample script.

162 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-03-29 11:27

* lib/tkextlib/blt/component.rb: cannot create elements except

default type of element.

* lib/tkextlib/blt/barchart.rb: ditto.

* lib/tkextlib/blt/graph.rb: ditto.

* lib/tkextlib/blt/stripchart.rb: ditto.

* lib/tkextlib/blt/component.rb: axis command option gets

proper object type of arguments.

* sample/tkextlib/blt/calendar.rb: new sample.

* sample/tkextlib/blt/pareto.rb: ditto.

306 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-03-26 14:58

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (_callback_entry_class?): add for checking whether

a class is available for a callback entry.

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (after_cancel): add Tk.after_cancel(afterID) method.

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (array2tk_list): change from private module method

of TkComm to public module method.

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (cget): add check that slot argument is not empty string.

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (configinfo): ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb (itemcget): add check that slot argument

is not empty string.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb (itemconfiginfo): ditto.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/entry.rb: add TkEntry#icursor and icursor= (alias of

cursor and cursor= method).

* ext/tk/lib/tk/font.rb: improve font treatment when the font name is

empty string.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/variable.rb: add :variable, :window and :procedure type.

* ext/tk/lib/tk/variable.rb: improve treatment of array-type tkvariable.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt.rb: add commands for zooming.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/*: bug fix.

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/treectrl/tktreectrl.rb: bug fix and add methods

to call TreeCtrl commands for bindings.

* ext/tk/sample/tkextlib/blt/*: new sample scritps.

* ext/tk/sample/tkextlib/treectrl/*: ditto.

275 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2005-01-25 06:09

* ext/tcltklib/tcltklib.c: fix SEGV bug; trouble on canceling remained

after scripts [ruby-dev:25479]: NULL current namespce when deleting

Tk interpreter [ruby-talk:126225]

* ext/tcltklib/extconf.rb: bug fix; TCL_ENABLE_THREAD flag is inverted


* ext/tcltklib/extconf.rb: add yet another native-thread check

* ext/tk/tkutil.c: fix SEGV bug; NULL string pointer when finalize

Ruby interpreter

* ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb: avoid warning for deleted safeTk ip frame

* ext/tk/lib/tk/bindtag.rb: bug fix; new method of named bindtag

doesn't return the created object [ruby-dev:25479]

* ext/tk/lib/tk/menu.rb: bug on treating arguments [ruby-dev:25479]

* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: bug fix; cannot accept a callback ID string for

a command argument [ruby-dev:25479]

* ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb: ditto

* ext/tk/lib/tk/*.rb: ditto

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/*.rb: ditto

* ext/tk/sample/demos-jp/anilabel.rb: new demo script

* ext/tk/sample/demos-en/anilabel.rb: ditto

* ext/tk/sample/tkHTML/ss.rb: local variable scope bug fix


10 lines of code changed in:

nagai 2004-12-23 17:23

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt.rb: add BLT extension support

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/*.rb: ditto

* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/blt/tile/*.rb: ditto

5545 lines of code changed in:

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