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ser 2006-04-15 05:11

Short summary:

This is a version bump to REXML 3.1.4 for Ruby HEAD. This change log is

identical to the log for the 1.8 branch.

It includes numerous bug fixes and is a pretty big patch, but is nonetheless

a minor revision bump, since the API hasn't changed.

For more information, see:


For all tickets, see:

Where '#' is replaced with the ticket number.


* Fixed the documentation WRT the raw mode of text nodes (ticket #4)

* Fixes roundup ticket #43: substring-after bug.

* Fixed ticket #44, Element#xpath

* Patch submitted by an anonymous doner to allow parsing of Tempfiles. I was

hoping that, by now, that whole Source thing would have been changed to use

duck typing and avoid this sort of ticket... but in the meantime, the patch

has been applied.

* Fixes ticket:30, XPath default namespace bug. The fix was provided

by Lucas Nussbaum.

* Aliases #size to #length, as per zdennis's request.

* Fixes typo from previous commit

* Fixes ticket #32, preceding-sibling fails attempting delete_if on nil nodeset

* Merges a user-contributed patch for ticket #40

* Adds a forgotten-to-commit unit test for ticket #32

* Changes Date, Version, and Copyright to upper case, to avoid conflicts with

the Date class. All of the other changes in the altered files are because

Subversion doesn't allow block-level commits, like it should. English cased

Version and Copyright are aliased to the upper case versions, for partial

backward compatability.

* Resolves ticket #34, SAX parser change makes it impossible to parse IO feeds.

* Moves parser.source.position() to parser.position()

* Fixes ticket:48, repeated writes munging text content

* Fixes ticket:46, adding methods for accessing notation DTD information.

* Encodes some characters and removes a brokes link in the documentation

* Deals with carriage returns after XML declarations

* Improved doctype handling

* Whitespace handling changes

* Applies a patch by David Tardon, which (incidentally) fixes ticket:50

* Closes #26, allowing anything that walks like an IO to be a source.

* Ticket #31 - One unescape too many

This wasn't really a bug, per se... "value" always returns

a normalized string, and "value" is the method used to get

the text() of an element. However, entities have no meaning

in CDATA sections, so there's no justification for value

to be normalizing the content of CData objects. This behavior

has therefore been changed.

* Ticket #45 -- Now parses notation declarations in DTDs properly.

* Resolves ticket #49, Document.parse_stream returns ArgumentError

* Adds documentation to clarify how XMLDecl works, to avoid invalid bug reports.

* Addresses ticket #10, fixing the StreamParser API for DTDs.

* Fixes ticket #42, XPath node-set function 'name' fails with relative node

set parameter

* Good patch by Aaron to fix ticket #53: REXML ignoring unbalanced tags

at the end of a document.

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ser 2004-07-07 14:21

These validation files for REXML need to be included in the main branch.

720 lines of code changed in:

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