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nahi 2005-05-22 14:03

* lib/{soap,wsdl,xsd}, test/{soap,wsdl,xsd}: imported soap4r/1.5.4.

== SOAP client and server ==

=== for both client side and server side ===

* improved document/literal service support.

style(rpc,document)/use(encoding, literal) combination are all

supported. for the detail about combination, see


* let WSDLEncodedRegistry#soap2obj map SOAP/OM to Ruby according to

WSDL as well as obj2soap. closes #70.

* let SOAP::Mapping::Object handle XML attribute for doc/lit service.

you can set/get XML attribute via accessor methods which as a name

'xmlattr_' prefixed (<foo name="bar"/> -> Foo#xmlattr_name).

=== client side ===

* WSDLDriver capitalized name operation bug fixed. from

1.5.3-ruby1.8.2, operation which has capitalized name (such as

KeywordSearchRequest in AWS) is defined as a method having

uncapitalized name. (converted with GenSupport.safemethodname

to handle operation name 'foo-bar'). it introduced serious

incompatibility; in the past, it was defined as a capitalized.

define capitalized method as well under that circumstance.

* added new factory interface 'WSDLDriverFactory#create_rpc_driver'

to create RPC::Driver, not WSDLDriver (RPC::Driver and WSDLDriver

are merged). 'WSDLDriverFactory#create_driver' still creates

WSDLDriver for compatibility but it warns that the method is

deprecated. please use create_rpc_driver instead of create_driver.

* allow to use an URI object as an endpoint_url even with net/http,

not http-access2.

=== server side ===

* added mod_ruby support to SOAP::CGIStub. rename a CGI script

server.cgi to server.rb and let mod_ruby's RubyHandler handles the

script. CGIStub detects if it's running under mod_ruby environment

or not.

* added fcgi support to SOAP::CGIStub. see the sample at

sample/soap/calc/server.fcgi. (almost same as server.cgi but has

fcgi handler at the bottom.)

* allow to return a SOAPFault object to respond customized SOAP fault.

* added the interface 'generate_explicit_type' for server side

(CGIStub, HTTPServer). call 'self.generate_explicit_type = true'

if you want to return simplified XML even if it's rpc/encoded


== WSDL ==

=== WSDL definition ===

* improved XML Schema support such as extension, restriction,

simpleType, complexType + simpleContent, ref, length, import,


* reduced "unknown element/attribute" warnings (warn only 1 time for

each QName).

* importing XSD file at schemaLocation with xsd:import.

=== code generation from WSDL ===

* generator crashed when there's '-' in defined element/attribute


* added ApacheMap WSDL definition.

* sample/{soap,wsdl}: removed.

0 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2004-07-03 14:33

* added files:

* lib/soap/header/*

* lib/soap/rpc/httpserver.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/cgiStubCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/classDefCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/classDefCreatorSupport.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/clientSkeltonCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/driverCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/mappingRegistryCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/methodDefCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/servantSkeltonCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/standaloneServerStubCreator.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/enumeration.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/simpleRestriction.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/simpleType.rb

* lib/xsd/codegen/*

* lib/xsd/codegen.rb

* sample/soap/authheader/*

* sample/soap/raa2.4/*

* sample/soap/ssl/*

* sample/soap/swa/*

* sample/soap/whois.rb

* sample/wsdl/raa2.4/*

* test/soap/header/*

* test/soap/ssl/*

* test/soap/struct/*

* test/soap/swa/*

* test/soap/wsdlDriver/*

* test/wsdl/multiplefault.wsdl

* test/wsdl/simpletype/*

* test/wsdl/test_multiplefault.rb

* modified files:

* lib/soap/baseData.rb

* lib/soap/element.rb

* lib/soap/generator.rb

* lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb

* lib/soap/parser.rb

* lib/soap/property.rb

* lib/soap/soap.rb

* lib/soap/streamHandler.rb

* lib/soap/wsdlDriver.rb

* lib/soap/wsdlDriver.rb

* lib/soap/encodingstyle/handler.rb

* lib/soap/encodingstyle/literalHandler.rb

* lib/soap/encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb

* lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb

* lib/soap/mapping/mapping.rb

* lib/soap/mapping/registry.rb

* lib/soap/mapping/rubytypeFactory.rb

* lib/soap/mapping/wsdlRegistry.rb

* lib/soap/rpc/cgistub.rb

* lib/soap/rpc/driver.rb

* lib/soap/rpc/proxy.rb

* lib/soap/rpc/router.rb

* lib/soap/rpc/soaplet.rb

* lib/soap/rpc/standaloneServer.rb

* lib/wsdl/data.rb

* lib/wsdl/definitions.rb

* lib/wsdl/operation.rb

* lib/wsdl/parser.rb

* lib/wsdl/soap/definitions.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/complexContent.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/complexType.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/data.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/parser.rb

* lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/schema.rb

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb

* lib/xsd/qname.rb

* sample/soap/sampleStruct/server.rb

* sample/wsdl/amazon/AmazonSearch.rb

* sample/wsdl/amazon/AmazonSearchDriver.rb

* test/soap/test_property.rb

* test/soap/calc/test_calc_cgi.rb

* test/wsdl/test_emptycomplextype.rb

* summary

* add SOAP Header mustUnderstand support.

* add HTTP client SSL configuration and Cookies support (works

completely with http-access2).

* add header handler for handling sending/receiving SOAP Header.

* map Ruby's anonymous Struct to common SOAP Struct in SOAP Object

Model. it caused error.

* add WSDL simpleType support to restrict lexical value space.

709 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-11-28 06:53

* lib/soap/streamHandler.rb: drop unused http parameters.

* lib/soap/encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb, lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb,

lib/soap/mapping/mapping.rb, lib/soap/mapping/registry.rb,

lib/wsdl/soap/complexType.rb: ApacheSOAP's map support was broken under WSDL

dynanic client environment. fixed.

* test/wsdl/raa/*: add tests.

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb: dateTime precision bug fix (at least, I hope.) bug of

soap4r. XSDDateTimeImple.to_time passed a Float to Time.local/ as an

usec, and NUM2LONG(rb_num2long for Float) causes rounding error.

1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-11-25 08:31

* lib/soap/**/*.rb, lib/wsdl/**/*.rb, lib/xsd/**/*.rb: changed license; GPL2 -> Ruby's.

* lib/soap/rpc/driver.rb, lib/soap/wsdlDriver.rb, lib/soap/streamHandler.rb: add interface to streamhandler.

* lib/soap/marshal.rb: raise error if parse fails.

* lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb: add https support. Patched by Oliver M. Bolzer.

* lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb: dump HTTP response message body by itself.

* lib/soap/rpc/driver.rb, lib/soap/rpc/proxy.rb, lib/soap/wsdlDriver.rb: add driver#mandatorycharset interface to foce using charset for parsing response from buggy server.

* lib/soap/encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb: support Apache Axis's half typed multi-ref array.

* lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb, lib/soap/mapping/registry.rb: map SOAPStruct which has multi-accessors which name are the same, to an array.

* lib/soap/rpc/element.rb: fixed illegal parameter order.

* lib/soap/rpc/element.rb: element name of response message could have the name other than 'return'.

* lib/wsdl/operation.rb, lib/wsdl/operationBinding.rb, lib/wsdl/soap/classDefCreator.rb, lib/wsdl/soap/methodDefCreator.rb, lib/wsdl/soap/methodDefCreatorSupport.rb: WSDL/1.1 allows plural fault definition in a operation. [ruby-talk:84948]

* test/wsdl/multiplefault.wsdl, test/wsdl/test_multiplefault.rb: add test for above fix.

* lib/wsdl/soap/complexType.rb: support WSDL array definition with maxOccures="unbound".

* lib/xsd/charset.rb: use cp932 under emx. Patched by Siena. / SHINAGAWA, Norihide in [ruby-dev:21972]

* lib/xsd/xmlparser/parser.rb: set @charset nil by default. Nil means 'follow encoding declaration in XML'.

* sample/soap/digraph.rb, sample/wsdl/amazon/wsdlDriver.rb, sample/wsdl/googleSearch/sampleClient.rb, sample/wsdl/googleSearch/wsdlDriver.rb, test/wsdl/test_emptycomplextype.rb, test/wsdl/marshal/test_wsdlmarshal.rb, test/xsd/test_xmlschemaparser.rb: use { |f| } instead of [ruby-dev:21964]

* test/wsdl/emptycomplextype.wsdl, test/wsdl/test_emptycomplextype.rb: simplify the test case.

* test/wsdl/axisArray/*: add tests for axis's array encoding.

1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-10-03 18:15

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb: dump sign by itself. under the problematic platform,

sprintf("%+.10g", -0.0) => +0. Sigh.

* sample/wsdl/amazon/*: update schema ver2 to ver3.

1156 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-09-27 11:14

* sample/wsdl/amazon/wsdlDriver.rb: syntax error fixed (variable devtag not


1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-09-24 16:18

* lib/soap/* (29 files): SOAP4R added.

* lib/wsdl/* (42 files): WSDL4R added.

* lib/xsd/* (12 files): XSD4R added.

* test/soap/* (16 files): added.

* test/wsdl/* (2 files): added.

* test/xsd/* (3 files): added.

* sample/soap/* (27 files): added.

* sample/wsdl/* (13 files): added.

1264 lines of code changed in:

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