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shyouhei 2007-02-13 00:01

set svn:eol-style

0 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2004-07-10 01:35

* test/soap/marshal/test_struct.rb: use qualified build-tin class name

(::Struct) to avoid name crash.

2 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2004-02-17 15:28

* test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb, test/ruby/test_marshal.rb: do $:

trick to share the testcase test/ruby/marshaltestlib.rb.

8 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2004-02-17 15:15

* test/ruby/marshaltestlib.rb: common marshal testcase added.

* test/ruby/test_marshal.rb: use above testsuite.

* test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb: ditto.

* test/soap/marshal/cmarshal.rb: removed (not used).

3 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2004-01-06 03:20

* import soap4r/1.5.2;

* lib/soap/{attachment.rb,baseData.rb,encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb}:

introduce SOAPExternalReference class as a referenct to SOAPEnvelope

external content.

* lib/soap/{attachment.rb,mimemessage.rb}: great SwA (SOAP messages

with Attachments) support code by Jamie Herre.

* lib/soap/{element.rb,marshal.rb,parser.rb,processor.rb,

streamHandler.rb,wsdlDriver.rb}: SwA support.

* lib/soap/rpc/{cgistub.rb,driver.rb,element.rb,proxy.rb,router.rb,

soaplet.rb}: SwA support and refactoring.

* lib/soap/generator.rb, lib/soap/mapping/mapping.rb: follow

SOAPReference#initialize signature change.

* lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb: deleted unused methods.

* lib/soap/mapping/rubytypeFactory.rb: do no ignore case while xsi:type

string <-> Ruby class name matching.

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb: check the smallest positive non-zero

single-precision float exactly instead of packing with "f".


* test/soap/test_basetype.rb, test/xsd/test_xsd.rb: use 1.402e-45, not

1.4e-45. 1.4e-45 is smaller than 2 ** -149...

* test/soap/test_basetype.rb, test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb,

test/xsd/test_xsd.rb: use "(-1.0 / (1.0 / 0.0))" instead of "-0.0".

* test/soap/test_streamhandler.rb: revert to the previous test that

warns "basic_auth unsupported under net/http".

2 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-12-24 15:53

* test/soap/test_basetype.rb, test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb

test/xsd/test_xsd.rb: use "(-1.0 / (1.0 / 0.0))" instead of "-0.0"

to express -0.0. [ruby-talk:88786]

1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-12-04 05:05

* lib/soap/soap.rb: add SOAP::Env module for environment repository

such as HTTP_PROXY.

* lib/soap/property.rb: property implementation.

* lib/soap/streamHandler.rb, lib/soap/wsdlDriver.rb,

lib/soap/rpc/driver.rb: use soap/property.rb.

* lib/wsdl/importer.rb, lib/soap/wsdlDriver.rb, lib/soap/rpc/driver.rb:

use SOAP::Env.

* lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb: add basic_auth, ssl_config, and cookie

management interface, but ignored for now.

* lib/xsd/charset.rb: add XSD::Charset.encoding= interface to set

wiredump charset explicitly. it was fixed to 'utf-8' when iconv or

uconv module was found.

1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-11-28 06:53

* lib/soap/streamHandler.rb: drop unused http parameters.

* lib/soap/encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb, lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb,

lib/soap/mapping/mapping.rb, lib/soap/mapping/registry.rb,

lib/wsdl/soap/complexType.rb: ApacheSOAP's map support was broken under WSDL

dynanic client environment. fixed.

* test/wsdl/raa/*: add tests.

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb: dateTime precision bug fix (at least, I hope.) bug of

soap4r. XSDDateTimeImple.to_time passed a Float to Time.local/ as an

usec, and NUM2LONG(rb_num2long for Float) causes rounding error.

1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-11-08 10:52

* test/wsdl/raa/*: add new testcase for WSDL loading, parsing and reading.

* test/soap/marshal/*: backport from soap4r/1.5.1. all differences are for


* lib/soap/*: backport from soap4r/1.5.1. all differences are for ruby/1.6.

* lib/wsdl/data.rb, lib/wsdl/xmlSchema/data.rb: move definition of

ArrayTypeAttrName from ::WSDL::XMLSchema::* to ::WSDL::*. [ruby-talk:84813]

* lib/wsdl/soap/definitions.rb: element name typo in custom exception struct

definition which is needed for wsdlDriver; camelCase -> underscore_name.

53 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-10-31 17:50

* lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb: mark marshalled basetype objects when

@allow_original_mapping is true. multi-referencing basetype node is

prohibited in SOAP/1.1 encoding but soap4r's original ruby object mapping

requires basetype to be marked to detect self referencing loop.

e.g. o = 1; o.instance_eval { @iv = o } soap4r's original mapping is only

used through soap/marshal API.

* test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb: add tests for self referencing immutable


* test/soap/calc/test_calc_cgi.rb: fix test name.

22 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-10-14 16:14

* lib/soap/baseData.rb: Introduce SOAPType as the common ancestor of

SOAPBasetype and SOAPCompoundtype.

* lib/soap/generator.rb, lib/soap/element.rb, lib/soap/encodingstyle/*:

Encoding methods signature change. Pass SOAPGenerator as a parameter.

* lib/soap/mapping/*, test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb: Refactoring for better

marshalling/unmarshalling support. Now I think SOAP marshaller supports all

kind of object graph which is supported by Ruby's original marshaller. Of

course there could be bugs as always. Find it. :-)

* lib/soap/rpc/standaloneServer.rb: Set severity threshould to INFO. DEBUG is

too noisy.

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb: DateTime#of is obsoleted. Use DateTime#offset.

* test/wsdl/emptycomplextype.wsdl, test/xsd/xmlschema.xml: Avoid useless


154 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-10-05 06:42

* lib/xsd/datatypes.rb: Rational -> Decimal string bug fix.

* test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb: ditto.

* test/soap/calc/test_calc_cgi.rb: add Config::CONFIG["EXEECT"] to RUBYBIN.

4 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-09-26 21:00

* test/ruby/test_file.rb: new file. only asserts unlink-before-close behaviour


* test/soap/marshal/test_digraph.rb: should close before unlink.

unlink-before-close pattern is not needed here.

1 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-09-26 19:34

* test/soap/*, test/wsdl/*, test/xsd/*: move TestCase classes into each module

namespace. TestMarshal in test/soap/marshal/test_marshal.rb crashed with


27 lines of code changed in:

nahi 2003-09-24 16:18

* lib/soap/* (29 files): SOAP4R added.

* lib/wsdl/* (42 files): WSDL4R added.

* lib/xsd/* (12 files): XSD4R added.

* test/soap/* (16 files): added.

* test/wsdl/* (2 files): added.

* test/xsd/* (3 files): added.

* sample/soap/* (27 files): added.

* sample/wsdl/* (13 files): added.

384 lines of code changed in:

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